Rules of the Blog

“Blogs of Advent” is a place for the voices of the
faith community of Advent to share the Word among themselves
and with the larger community. The Episcopal Church, along with
the other Churches of the Anglican Communion, have a long tradition
of spiritual discourse. In keeping with this tradition, you will
see many viewpoints expressed here.

The Rules

As with all blogs associated with a communion, you
are expected to adhere to a minimal set of rules:

1. You may not engage in any illegal activities on these

2. Almost everyone has differing ideas of protection of
their own privacy. Please respect this. All blogs must adhere to Advent’s Internet Privacy Policy.

3. Topics for discussion are expected to be related in some
way to the faith
community at Advent and beyond. That having been said, since
our Holy Eucharist concludes with “Let us go forth in the name
of Christ”, “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord”, and “Let
us go forth into the world, rejoicing in the power of the Spirit”,
that would seem to leave plenty of room open 😉

4. All discussions are expected to be civil and respectful.

5. These blogs are moderated and these rules may be modified
if necessary.

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